“A gripping tale of a ship of doom….”

“The Black Witch” by Author Micheal Rivers

The gripping tale of a ship of doom…

First, understand I am not one who enjoys being at sea aboard a vessel of any size. I like the ocean and best appreciate it when viewed from shore. But I do enjoy a good nautical tale, especially one with a paranormal theme, and respect the addiction and love many hold for sailing the seas.

The descriptive depiction of the ship drew me into this story then the lure of the sea as felt by its seafaring crews came next. I was drawn into the seemingly hypnotic grip which the Black Witch laid upon all that neared her. Unique in build, a magnificent vessel with a truly mysterious background of fatal voyages, I soon discovered I wanted to learn more about the coming journey of the doomed, assorted passengers. With a ghostly foundation being well set by the author, I wondered how each would fare, curious what trials were to be set upon them.

The spectrum of characters is well balanced.  Their diversity at first leaves you interested in how they will interface, yet by the novel’s end each retained an appropriate part in what became horrific experiences.  Whether you believe in the devil or not, the demon that walks the ship plays havoc with your thoughts, leaving you disturbed at how he plies upon the weaknesses of mankind, taking pleasures as he desires against anyone’s will.

In truth, I became so absorbed in my reading at one point that I startled when my dog stood and nosed me for attention.  I found myself wanting to know what lay next for the passengers and how much worse their plight could be—and when I believed I knew what might come, something different occurred to my surprise.

So for those readers who love an adventurous seafaring tale with a depth of paranormal blended tightly within, The Black Witch is worth the read. And if I were to ever buy a boat, which I doubt, it surely will not have the name “The Black Witch” painted along its sides.

Glenn Starkey