When the Violin WeepsThrough life in a Warsaw ghetto and the Treblinka death camp, Jacob Liebermann lives for a day of reckoning with Klaus Hermann, the SS officer that killed his wife. After a harrowing trek to freedom in Palestine and joining Jewish resistance groups to combat a new enemy, Jacob makes the country home. He becomes one of Israel’s first Mossad agents. Then fate brings him face to face with the devil incarnate in South America.

“When the Violin Weeps” is based upon the disturbing true events of the Holocaust in World War II and the struggles to create the State of Israel. It is the story of appalling crimes against humanity. Forcing Warsaw’s massive Jewish population into an overcrowded ghetto to starve was Nazi Germany’s first undertaking after invading Poland. Next came the merciless transports to the Treblinka extermination center. When Jacob Liebermann’s wife Hanna is murdered in a gas chamber, the former Warsaw Philharmonic violinist fell into an abyss of insanity. But he keeps his promise to her to survive the Nazi atrocities at all costs.

Award winning author Glenn Starkey has written another gut-wrenching novel that tears at the hearts of readers and makes them feel every page.

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