GREAT NEWS !!! “When the Violin Weeps” is a Book Excellence Award Finalist in the Historical Category!!! It is a great honor for an author to receive an award for their writings. The research performed for this novel was often mentally exhausting due to the traumatic events and its history. 

Through life in a Warsaw ghetto and the Treblinka death camp, Jacob Liebermann lives for a day of reckoning with Klaus Hermann, the SS officer that killed his wife. After a harrowing trek to freedom in Palestine and joining Jewish resistance groups to combat a new enemy, Jacob makes the country home. He becomes one of Israel’s first Mossad agents. Then fate brings him face to face with the devil incarnate in South America.
Autographed copies are available at 1820 Coffee House in Alvin, or you can order a print or eBook copy from https://store.bookbaby.com/book/when-the-violin-weeps . You can also buy the novel at all major booksellers- Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc…
Book Excellence Awards Finalist