Yes, that is my current status. The holidays are behind us and a new year is here. I’m sitting in my office, drinking coffee and staring at “Willie” (my Labradoodle), wondering what I should do next.  Okay, I know my desk is here, somewhere, even though it’s buried beneath an avalanche of papers, business cards, and small boxes. I should clean it.  But I also need to play ‘catch-up’ with backlogged correspondence, file some documents, make data entries for income tax purposes, review today’s marketing numbers of my books, and considering I am a novelist – actually work on my current novel. Of course I cannot forget the tribulations of daily life mixed in as well; to-do lists, gym time, car problems, house maintenance repairs, and filling the holes in the yard that Willie dug last night.

So, what comes first? How do I develop a daily work schedule which allows me to accomplish a multitude of tasks?  Have you found yourself in this writer’s quagmire? Anyone have a magic answer? If so, I’m open to suggestions.

Recently while reading various postings from writers, I’ve seen a common complaint about having too many websites to monitor, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Goodreads, and dozens more. These sites devour a majority of your time with marketing postings and responses to their internal writing groups. Some authors have stated they are reducing their activities on several sites to allow better focus on their projects. I agree. There are almost too many social media activities. Like the old saying goes, “Too much of a good thing can become bad.” But which sites will serve an author best? And for what reasons?

I know I’m not the only one weighing all of these factors in order to find a balance in life. I would love to hear some of the “tricks of the trade” from seasoned writers and everyone in general. Meanwhile, I better put on another pot of coffee because I can already see this is going to be a long day.




Photo credit: Unknown, Internet.