Independent Bookstores Still Exist!


  As you know, I didn’t have much luck with getting my three books on the shelves of my local library but I’m fortunate to have them in a bookstore! Check out the photos. Talk about a great feeling…. There they are on the top shelf for the world to see—and of course, to buy.


Back to the Books is located in beautiful Manitou Springs, Colorado in the shadows of Pikes Peak! It’s owned and operated by Jon Renaud, an independent author himself. Back to the Books is the only bookstore opened for the sole purpose of bringing the works of independent authors from around the world together in one place. Back to the Books has assembled an incredible collection of unique books for the residents and visitors of Manitou Springs and the surrounding communities to enjoy. He also has an online bookstore as well.


Thank you, Jon Renaud, for having the courage to open an independent bookstore dedicated solely to indie authors. If you are on vacation in Manitou Springs, stop by and browse through Back to the Books.  Tell Jon you heard about his store on my site! And while there, pick up a copy of Solomon’s Men, Year of the Ram, or The Cobra and Scarab. The books are signed too.


Reference to my blog article “Another Gut Punch to Indie Authors” about how I tried to donate books to my local library and discovered they didn’t want self-published books; I received so many good emails and comments from readers and authors that I was asked by Sandra Valente of SSBookFanatics to guest blog.


You may want to read “My Library Won the Battle, But Lost the War….” on Sandra’s site. It is an interesting follow-up to “Gut Punch.”   And be sure to leave a comment for Sandra. She’s every author’s best friend. She’s a beautiful person who is a reader and reviewer. From the volume of books I understand she buys, she could probably open her own bookstore.


So, if you are in Manitou Springs, be sure to stop in, take a break, and browse the wonderful selection of indie books at Back to the Books.  And don’t forget to read the follow up to “Gut Punch.”


Good luck to all in your writing projects!



8 Replies to “Independent Bookstores Still Exist!”

  1. This is absolutely fabulous, Glenn. Congrats! Whoever buys any one of your novels, is in for a treat of the highest order. I sincerely hope that they not only buy one, but all three. They are worthy of anyone’s time and money. Back to the Books is affording independent authors a wonderful opportunity, and I salute them. Your novels look amazing!

    I do happen to have a tiny book store! 🙂 Books are my treasures.

    Congratulations are also in order on your first book trailer for Solomon’s Men. Patti Roberts did an awesome job and I loved it. Thank you so much for the inclusion. Words such as; surprised, honoured and humbled, don’t even begin to express what I feel.

    1. Thanks, Sandra, for the wonderful compliments! You are every author’s treasure! I’m sure you do have a bookstore with the volume you buy and are sent to you for reviews! You could open your own library. And the trailer was my first step out into that venture so I was quite happy for it to have received kudos from everyone. Wishing you the best… Glenn

  2. Glenn, you are absolutely correct about independent bookstores. They’ve been my salvation here in Charlotte, where I’m on the ‘best-seller shelf’ at three indie bookstores, The Book Rack, Park Road Books and Poor Richard’s Book Shoppe. It took me nearly four months to get in Barnes & Noble, while the independents took me right away!

    1. Thank you for the comments, Harvey. You are quite fortunate to have such stores available in your area. Of course you are on their “Best Seller” list!!! A writer as good as you could be on no other spot…

      All the best in your projects,

  3. I live in Australia and the local Dymocks in my suburb agreed to stock a few of my books, they have been very supportive. Another bookstore a few suburbs away are going to stock them as well. My only problem is, I have to supply the books myself. Even though they do deal with Baker and Taylor, they are not a preferred supplier and it costs them too much to get the books here, not to mention the time it takes! I haven’t approached the local library yet so will be interesting to see what my reception is like 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comments, Gladys. Good luck with your local library… They may take your books… Several authors have written to me about the wonderful reception and backing they received from their local libraries so not all are like my local library which is biased against indie authors. And that is great news about the bookstores being so supportive of your works. Congratulations!

      Wishing you the best in all of your endeavors,

  4. The Starkey collection looks good sitting on the shelves for everybody to see. A victory for Indie writers. Congratulations Glenn. Now they need to have you for an official book event.

    1. Thanks, Mike. It was a great personal feeling to see my books on the shelves there…and to also look at all of the books in the store and realize they were indie authors! The owner Jon Renaud had a superb idea when he opened this store.

      Wishing you the best in all your endeavors,

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