Through hostile tribes and barren wilderness parched by the sun, a The Daggermandowntrodden race of people obeyed their God and journeyed to the Promised Land, a land flowing with milk and honey. But settlement never came easy, and only blood flowed. Wars, strife, and merciless kings ruled them, then came the tyrannical Roman domination.

Two men born under the same star on the same night are destined to lead intertwined, yet separate paths – one to save people, the other to become an assassin. Yeshua’s life is to fulfill the prophecies of the Messiah to come while Hanan fights his country’s Roman oppressors and a corrupt, ruling priesthood. Hanan was raised to become the leader of the Sicarii, a group of assassins far crueler and more fanatical than the Zealots. The era is heavily political, treacherous, and steeped in the subjugation of a people that have fought for their freedom since ancient times.


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“The Daggerman is well-researched and a pleasure to read. As an added bonus, it throws interesting sidelights on the political and religious tensions surrounding Jesus’s ministry.”

Nicholas Guild

NYT and International Best-Selling author


Amazon Moon, Glenn Starkey’s fourth published novel, has just been released. The novel has his signature action, adventure and realism, but is his first venture with sci-fi elements. The novel’s cover alone sparks a reader’s interest yet following his protagonist, John Alvarez, through a turbulent life, war and prison is only a taste of what’s to come. It’s when Alvarez enters the Amazon jungle that a reader feels the extremes of insanity thrust upon him. The question is then raised: “What if all you had believed in and learned was suddenly discovered to be false?”

John Alvarez was a bad boy—so bad that a judge finally gave him a choice between prison and the Marines, yet in the Corps he discovered a home. Shipped off to Vietnam, he leads his own band of bad boys—Iron Raven, the terror of their enemies and always the first choice for a dangerous mission. On one such mission, the brain child of a couple of CIA ops, Alvarez and his squad are cut off from escape by their CIA handlers and are left to fight their own way out or die.  Only Alvarez survives, and his revenge on the men who abandoned him and his friends, lands him in prison for life. After twenty years he’s offered freedom, but only if he agrees to undertake another suicide mission:  to act as bodyguard for a Mr. Standish on a journey into a mysterious Amazon kingdom ruled by the devil himself.  It is only in the heart of the jungle that Alvarez discovers he is on a mission that can only have two endings—redemption or death. BRONZE MEDAL WINNER from MWSA Upon completing Amazon Moon , Glenn wrote My Journey with Amazon Moon, an essay you can find on his website. In it he states the novel led him down many soul searching paths, and how his research actually made him take a different writing direction than originally intended. The essay is well worth reading from a humanitarian viewpoint. 



“Amazon Moon is the sort of novel that grabs you by the throat on the first page and doesn’t let go until the last.  It is an exciting story and, at the same time, something more.  It is a fable about one man’s redemption, his rediscovery of innocence.” ~ Nicholas Guild, New York Times Best Selling Author , The Assyrian, The Berlin Warning, The President’s Man “With Amazon Moon, Starkey has done it again– lured me in, set me up and wrung me out! Splendid.”

Jeff Mudgett

Author of Bloodstains