Steel Jungle

Steel Jungle

It’s 1990 and Titan Oil thinks terrorism only happens overseas. Protecting people and the flagship refinery in Grainger City is the last thing the corporation is concerned with—even if the refinery supplies the nation with the largest daily percentage of gasoline.

Everything comes second to profit, and sacrifices must be made.

Jim Thurman, former Marine and Vietnam veteran, left police work for better pay in Titan Oil’s refinery security. That was when Thurman had a wife and son. When they died, so did his sanity. To retain what’s left, he knows he must leave it all behind and start a new life that doesn’t have the scars. Today’s the day he resigns and says goodbye to the refinery, but more importantly, to his fellow veterans working in the refinery, the ‘War Dogs.’

But his departure is delayed when a rogue black ops mercenary, Adam Murdock, attacks the refinery with a team of terrorists known as the ‘Serpent and the Sword.’ Their sympathies are with the Middle East and unless their demands are met they will destroy the refinery and release lethal hydrofluoric acid on the surrounding population.

With terrorists slaughtering employees and setting explosives to destroy the massive refinery, Jim Thurman realizes he must fight this madness.  But his blooded brothers won‘t let him do it alone.

STEEL JUNGLE is the nightmare no one wants to consider, all woven into a tight, raw-nerved page turner.

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