UPDATE: The Daggerman Wins THIRD Award!

UPDATE: The Daggerman Wins THIRD Award!

The Daggerman Book Cover

 UPDATE: “The Daggerman” won its third award today !!!

It was great news being notified that “The Daggerman” was a FINALIST in the 2020 TopShelf Book Awards for Religious Historical Fiction.

Finalist 2020 TopShelf

 IAN AwardGreat News! Thank you, Independent Authors Network. “The Daggerman” has won another award! The Independent Author Network declared the book a finalist for Book of the Year in the category of ‘Christian/Religious Fiction.’ The novel’s first award came from ‘Book Excellence Award.’


It may be ordered at https://store.bookbaby.com/book/the-daggerman and other major booksellers. And if you are in Alvin, Texas, the book is available at the 1820 Coffee House. Stop by, have some coffee, buy an autographed book and relax. Books make the best Christmas gifts, especially for those hard-to-buy people… Book Excellence Award


“The Daggerman”

Two men born under the same star on the same night are destined to lead intertwined, yet separate paths – one to save people, the other to kill them. Yeshua is destined to fulfill the prophecies of the Messiah to come, while Hanan fights his country’s Roman oppressors and a corrupt, ruling priesthood. This heavily political and treacherous era is steeped in the subjugation of a people that have fought for their freedom since ancient times.


“The Daggerman is well-researched and a pleasure to read.  As an added bonus, it throws interesting sidelights on the political and religious tensions surrounding Jesus’s ministry.” 

         Nicholas Guild – NY Times and Internationally Best-Selling Author

The Daggerman

Awards won by Glenn Starkey


   Thank you to all of my supporters and readers… I truly appreciate everyone.

       Glenn Starkey




Micah is MWSA Bronze Medal Winner

Micah is MWSA Bronze Medal Winner

 Great news! I was notified that my novel “Micah” received a MWSA Bronze Medal Award at the Military Writers Society of America’s 2020 Virtual Awards Banquet. With this book competing against hundreds of excellent novels and authors, I am honored “Micah” was chosen. The criteria and review processes are tough, but that’s how I like it to be… “Micah” now joins my many novels that have won literary awards. Thank you, Jesus, for giving me the ability to write books that provide entertainment for so many readers.
Thank you, MWSA, and my supporters and readers!
The Daggerman is BEA Finalist

The Daggerman is BEA Finalist

 My 12th novel, “The Dagger Man” has placed as a Book Excellence Award Finalist! That’s great news because it joins many of my other novels with their awards! But I am most honored by the readers that tell me how much they enjoyed “The Dagger Man” as well as my other novels. Thank you to all that have been such loyal readers of my works!      Glenn


MICAH – Just Released!

MICAH – Just Released!

 “MICAH” — Ebooks and Print Pre-Orders! 

Russia, 1926. Socialist and Communist leaders have terrorized their countrymen for years with secret police, forced labor camps, starvation and mass executions. Red Terror reigns as Russia’s daily life. Stalin’s desire for inhuman super soldiers fuels Dr. Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov’s obsession with creating a human-ape hybrid—but to horrific ends. When Yuri Grechiko, a member of the state secret police, falls in love with a human experiment from a labor camp, he risks all by fleeing with her to freedom on the Ural Mountains.


There, a boy and girl are born—neither fully human nor ape—experiments Ivanov never knew had succeeded. Vowing to keep it that way, Yuri hides the children from the crazed scientist and raises them as his own.


But Yuri’s past returns to haunt him. As Stalin’s secret police climb the mountains, Yuri’s world is shattered. From the horror of shocking experiments and devastating civil wars comes Micah, a gentle forest giant who seeks retribution. He will make the mountains tremble from his fury.

Now available at all major online booksellers….

Amazon Kindle and print pre-orders

Bookbaby Bookstore – ebooks and print

Barnes & Noble – Nook

“The Councilman” – Medal Winner

“The Councilman” – Medal Winner

GREAT NEWS! “The Councilman” won a Bronze Medal in the Mystery/Thriller Category at the 2019 Joint Awards Ceremony of the Military Writers Society of America and the Southwest Writers Conference held in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Sept.14th. I just received the official notification.

This makes the fourth medal that my novels have won along with other awards! I’m super excited today… and grateful to all that have posted reviews of my books….

“Black Sun” won a Gold Medal in 2016.
“Solomon’s Men” won a Silver Medal in 2012.
“Amazon Moon” won a Bronze Medal in 2014.
plus “The Councilman” this year!