Two More Awards! A Great Way To Start The Day.

I’ve been running pretty hard lately trying to complete a novel, keep up with book marketing and a dozen daily tasks. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day or the needed energy to complete my activities. But just as I began to feel slightly burned out, I received two awards—“The Versatile Blogger” and “The Liebster Blog” (which I’m told originated in Germany and means ‘favorite’ or ‘dearest’.)

“First, I want to thank the Academy…” Oh, sorry. That’s the opening of my speech when I receive the Oscar for ‘Best Book Developed into a Movie’ award. (Okay, so I made the award up…like you haven’t either?)  Now, returning to reality:

To be thought of by your peers is quite uplifting to one’s soul, but to be recognized by a fellow writer in any form is truly an honor.  Sandra Valente, host of the international SSBookFanatics website, ( www.SSBookFanatics.blogspot.com ) did so with her nomination of me.

Sandra is well known by so many of us. She is a beautiful, thoughtful, and caring person. Her reviews of our books are intriguing novels within themselves. Absorbing the stories as every author hopes a reader will she then presents her honest opinions with such narration that you, as the author, are left stupefied by the grace of her words. The writing of a review—a review worthy of being read—is no easy task. Anyone can write, “…it’s a page turner, a must read…” but when you serve meat and potatoes along with it for the reader to chew on for days, you have accomplished a monumental feat!

To know she looked at my writings, my blog, as having the versatility to garner readers’ interest was quite uplifting, and to realize she considered me as a ‘favorite’ or ‘dearest’ means much more.

Now comes my time to select 5 authors and award them the recognition they so rightly deserve.  (Sorry, but I chose 6…) What are the rules?  Quite simple:

  1. Recognize the person who awarded you.
  2. Consider all the people you know.
  3. Select five nominees who you feel display an abundance of qualities and versatility.
  4. Let them know they have been selected.
  5. Post the award on your blog.
  6. And last but not least, bask in the pleasure of recognizing fellow authors, their talents, and spreading good karma to them.

Without further ado, here are my nominees and recipients.

These fine authors were chosen after reading their blogs and enjoying the content, observing how they so freely assist their fellow authors on social networks, and taking note of their excellent writing skills. There are many fine authors to choose from but today I cannot list them all.

  1. Kirkus MacGowan, @KirkusMacGowan.
  2. Eri Nelson, @Dearharts.
  3. Virginia Lee, @Dagonsblood.
  4. Patti Roberts, @PattiRoberts7.
  5. Jeff Bennington, @TweetTheBook.
  6. Belinda Witzenhausen, @BWitzenhausen

Visit each of these fine authors. See for yourself why I have chosen them. Learn more about their projects and review their blogs. It is through this process we learn from one another.

Wishing everyone the best in their endeavors!


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  1. Kirkus MacGowan

    Glenn! Thank you so much for this. Here you are sharing such kind words and I forgot to say thanks for a full month.

    Now humbled and embarrassed, I apologize. I plan to share my nominations within two weeks.

    Thanks again for the honor. I sincerely hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!


    1. Glenn

      I understand how time gets away from us. So many activities going on at one time. Glad you didn’t miss the post. All the best to you.

  2. Sandra Valente

    Glenn, simply put, you are a reader’s dream author. Those who have not as yet read your novels, will feel as I do, once they have delved into the magnificent history filled worlds that include amazing characters who are thrown into unbelievable, yet believable, situations. You manage to create, what to me feels like reality, within the pages of a book.

    I am not waxing lyrical when I say this: I am in awe.

    Your words as usual are touching, and I am humbled by them.

    Thank you.
    Best wishes, always.

    1. Glenn

      Thank you, Sandra. Your words are most kind.

  3. MuseofHell

    An excellent group of choices. And congratulations on your selection… it’s nice to be recognized by your peers for something you sweat, worry, pace, get silly and overwork yourself to create.

    1. Glenn

      Thank you. I appreciate your kind comments.

  4. micheal rivers

    Impressive sir, and congratulations. I was very happy to see Eri Nelson on your list she deserves this and so much more. I have visited each of their blogs as well as yours and I agree whole heartedly with your recommendations. Looking forward to your next book.

    1. Glenn

      Thank you. There are so many great authors, such as yourself, to choose from that it is truly difficult to limit the number!

  5. Sheilagh Lee


    1. Glenn

      Thank you, Sheilagh!

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