Kreativ Blogger Award: My Nominations

Kreativ Blogger Award: My Nominations


My thanks to Micheal Rivers for nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger Award! To be noted and have been chosen by this best-selling author of Ghosts of the North Carolina Shores, The Black Witch, Moonlight on the Nantahala, and Verliege is truly an honor for me. As a writer his works are gripping, adventurous, and thrilling. As an individual he is a true gentleman, always willing to provide assistance to authors in need at every turn. Congratulations on your nomination, Micheal, and may you have the best of fortune with your works!

Now, as part of being nominated for this award, I have to: (1) nominate 6 others for the blog award and (2) share 10 things that readers might not know about me.  Choosing 6 from the hundreds of excellent authors I am honored to know has been challenging to say the least. But these authors struck personal chords within me with their devotion to the writing craft, the unselfish acts of kindness and assistance to others they have performed, and yet never asking for anything in return. I thank each one for their humanity.

The spotlight now shines on:

  1. Jo VonBargen: @JVonBargen http://twobitbard.weebly.com Jo is a true poet, writing wonderful prose with deep, heartfelt inspiration. Her work is dedicated to bringing attention to spousal abuse, and she’s been courageous throughout the most trying times of her life.
  2. Harvey Burgess: @HarveyBurgess http://kisshergoodbye.authorsxpress.com Harvey continually displays the finest qualities through his encouragement, kind words and assistance to others. His personal principles are of the highest caliber and he is a fine author.
  3. William Potter: @WilliamPotter68 http://www.williamrpotter.com William founded the (IAN) Independent Author Network to assist and promote his fellow authors, especially Indie-Authors. He asks nothing in return and provides a valuable outlet and resource for so many of us. An excellent author in his own right, he understands the value of “paying-it-forward.”
  4. Edward Medina: @loboed13 http://www.wix.com/loboed14/author Edward has a diverse and superb background containing a wealth of knowledge he continually shares with others. Always having a kind word and positive message for others, he remains a true friend to all within the writing community. As a writer his works illuminate the world of imagination in every reader’s minds.
  5. Chi Yon: @Asperger_Mom http://aspergermommy.blogspot.com Chi Yon, to me, is a magnificent example of a devoted parent as well as a “life-coach” to so many with children having the Asperger Syndrome. No greater love can there be than that of a mother’s love to a child. After reading her blog, I view her as an inspiration and a light to guide other parents when darkness seems to have fallen about them.
  6. Dawn Torrens: @Torrenstp http://dawnsdaily.com Dawn continually provides kind words and positive assistance to her fellow writers. Her blog speaks from the heart about many troubling, personal matters, yet always can be found the love of a mother for a child. She writes with honesty, a virtue to be admired.

 Now for 10 things readers may not know about me:

  1. I worked in the Texas oilfields for 5 years as a roustabout, digging ditches and repairing oil wells. (The old saying “It never rains in the oilfield” means more than you realize!)
  2. After three and a half years in the Orient, I received my Blackbelt in Goju-Karate in Tokyo, Japan. (I was the only non-Japanese student in my dojo.)
  3. I used to speak fluent Japanese. Attended U. S. State Department Language School. (Forgot most of it though due to not speaking the language much here in Texas.)
  4. Raised Appaloosa horses for several years. (You live with Murphy’s Law of “What can go wrong will go wrong” when you raise large animals!)
  5. I’m told my maternal grandfather rode and fought alongside of Pancho Villa.
  6. I wanted to be an artist as a profession and still have oil paintings hidden in my closet to one day give my grandson. (I don’t think my son has ever seen them!)
  7. In addition to being a “reading buddy” to elementary school children, I’ve also been asked to mentor young men and women that dropped out of school and are attempting to return and obtain their GED’s.
  8. I am a Master Mason, member of the Masonic Order in Texas.
  9. In 1979, while a police officer, we evacuated people for 3 days around the clock due a tropical storm dropping 46 inches of rain on us within a 24 hour period. It was a North American record according to the National Weather Service. (We kept looking for Noah’s Ark to appear!)
  10. I hate ships and being out at sea. (And spent 6 months aboard a ship while in the Marines!)

So the “Kreativ Blogger Award” is now passed on to the 6 wonderful people I previously noted. Best wishes and Good Luck to each.


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  1. Micheal Rivers

    Thank you very much Glenn. Your compliments are a bit overwhelming and truly appreciated. For those who are not aquainted with Glenn’s work I would highly suggest you get a copy of his books and read them. You will not be disappointed. A man who stoops to help a child is a king among kings.

    1. Glenn

      You are well deserving of all accolades, sir. And my gratitude for your compliments .
      I wish you the best in all your endeavors.

  2. Dawn Torrens

    Wow thank you so much Glenn, I am so humbled. It is so good to know about you. I too trained in the martial arts! I am a trained kick boxer! And started at the age of 33yrs. I am always in awe of wonderful people that help disadvantaged children. Its great to hear about another author helping and mentoring children. thats a massive 10/10 from me!

    1. Glenn

      Thank you, Dawn. Selecting only 6 authors from a cast of hundreds is no easy task, but I looked at the personal writings of each to make the decision. You wrote about your daughter, displaying true emotion, plus you have continued with your writings and never wavered. That, I felt, showed magnificent accomplishment. I wish you the best.

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